Swift Laser Therapy - Our Newest Office Addition

Oct 19, 2023

Every day, many people find little bumps on the bottom of their feet when inspecting their feet. Easily mistaken for corns or calluses, plantar warts target a body part that’s extremely sensitive to pain: the sole of your foot. For such relatively small infections, those things hurt. Whether you have them on the toes, heels, or anywhere on your sole, plantar warts – also known as verrucas – are bothersome no matter where they’re located.

Particularly after standing or walking for long periods, plantar warts can feel like a lighter burning through your skin. That discomfort stems from tiny dark spots (blood vessels) present in the center of the wart, which hurt with the pressure of your body weight.

These painful little lesions can be very difficult to remove. Some different ways have worked in the past, but none of them have been very easy or effective. Typical, yet mostly undesirable treatments for plantar warts include:

  • Salicylic acid: Although it’s one of the most widely suggested at-home treatments, topical solutions with salicylic acid may take months to finally show results. The high concentration of acid could also result in burning, peeling, pain, or blistering. Not only that, but the process can be time-consuming as patients need to protect the skin before application.
  • Cryotherapy: This method involves a medical professional applying liquid nitrogen to the wart with a spray or cotton swab. After the treatment, the wart will blister up and peel off its dead skin tissues within a few weeks. Although the process requires numbing, it can still be quite painful for some patients.
  • Curettage (surgically remove the wart): As the most invasive of plantar wart procedures, curettage involves numbing and cutting into both epidermal and dermal layers of a patient’s skin to scoop out the wart. Following curettage, the wart is cauterized with liquified phenol.

While all of the above can work for removing plantar warts, they’re unfortunately not effective for everyone, and the warts can come back and even spread. That’s why we’re happy to offer Swift laser therapy to our range of treatments.


Swift laser therapy is a pioneering FDA-Approved microwave laser therapy designed for the removal of plantar warts.

The Swift device relies on ultra-modern technology to deliver precise and safe energy into the wart. As a result, the treatment accelerates the body’s healing response in a quick and pain-free way. It does that by targeting a specially designed probe into the wart, treating even the responsible HPV virus.


Your foot is a very sensitive area with as many as 200,000 nerve endings. Your soles alone have more nerves per square centimeter than any other area of the body.

Because of that, there may be mild discomfort during the procedure. But since you’ve been dealing with plantar warts, that means you’ve endured much worse pain.

The sensation will, of course, vary from patient to patient. A lot of them describe the feeling as “a prick with a needle,” but only when energy is applied to the damaged area. However, most patients report that the discomfort vanishes quickly.

Due to sensitivity, post-treatment soreness may linger in some cases, but it’s unlikely. Plus, it won’t prevent patients from returning to their activities as usual.


When treating with Swift, patients should expect 3 to 4 treatment sessions, which are usually 4 weeks apart. Anticipate each session to be as quick as 5 to 10 minutes. Know that there will be no need for numbing, cutting, smoke, or bandages.

The treatment is so non-invasive that post-care at home isn’t needed, and patients may resume their daily physical activities right after they step out of the clinic.


The Swift Laser therapy is very effective at treating plantar warts, having been developed and tested in the UK. It has also been licensed for general treatment of skin lesions in Podiatry and Dermatology.

In reality, the other treatments used to treat plantar warts can be hit or miss, and many times it’s more miss. Plantar warts are highly contagious and therefore are very difficult to get rid of. All of the other treatments focus on attacking the wart, while the Swift approach alerts your body’s natural defenses to the underlying virus attacking your body. This means that Swift helps your body build up natural ways to combat the virus, thus preventing it from being able to return again.

No other treatment can treat plantar warts as effectively as Swift laser therapy can, or prevent them from coming back. So the question then remains, are you ready to try it for yourself?


Our podiatrists will advise you on the best treatment course for your specific case. With very few exceptions, most people struggling with uncomfortable plantar warts can have the Swift treatment.

Here at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, we’ll get that pesky veruca out of your sole. You’ll find yourself looking forward to walking and running, as you’ll no longer dread the feeling of putting your foot to the ground.

If you’d like, you can schedule an appointment today with our physicians to learn more about Swift laser therapy. Contact us at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists online, or give us a call at (480) 963-9000. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!