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Understanding Achilles Tendonitis: Treatment, Healing and Prevention


http://www.advancedfootankle.com Welcome to Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists of Arizona. My name is Dr. Antonius Su. I would like to discuss Achilles tendonitis condition. This is a condition described as pain along the back of the heel and also the back of the ankle and leg muscles. Occasionally, children who are active in sports also suffer from this condition. The pain can also be described as cramping of the leg muscles, with pain from the back of the heel, the leg area, and the knee joint. Occasionally, they may experience a loud pop or snap at the back of the heel. If the pain is chronic, it is possible that you could feel a nodule or a bump on the back of the Achilles tendon and possibly a tendon rupture. To prevent this issue, stretching of the leg muscle after a warm-up period and at the end of the exercise regimen is very important.

An Achilles injury can heal slowly. The healing period may require a modification of activity or work, rest, and physical therapy. Treatment may involve weight-bearing casts and possibly non-weight-bearing casts. If there is a tear or a rupture, surgical tendon rupture repair is recommended. Other options are herbal anti-inflammatory injections into the tendon or platelet-rich plasma injections and, occasionally, amniotic tissue injections. I hope this video is informational. If you do have this type of condition, please call us for a consultation.