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How MLS Laser Can Help Your Foot Pain

So you come into our office with foot pain, and we focus certain light beams over the area, and you start feeling better. Sound like the latest science fiction movie? Actually, sci-fi writers and fans love exploring new theories—some of which actually turn out to be true. The development of the MLS laser therapy has given us new options for treating pain, inflammation, and swelling in feet and ankles. 

How MLS Laser Works

The device uses wavelengths of light in two specific ranges—808 nanometers (nm) to reduce swelling and inflammation, and 905 nm to relieve pain. Combining the two makes each more effective than it could be on its own. At the same time, the MLS synchronizes both steady and pulsed light beams, each with its own benefits. The device is moved over your skin in the affected area, and the laser beams penetrate to the damaged tissue layers and promote cell activity there.

The MLS is a culmination of improvements in laser technology over several decades. Earlier models were safe, but less effective at lower levels. There were followed by those that had more power, but came with more risks. This latest model now allows for such minute control of the energy, time, power, frequency, and duration of the light waves that it is both safe and effective. Laser treatment works on three main levels.

Biological Effects

When the lasers penetrate your skin, they activate enzymes and increase the function of ATP molecules in your cells that allow for storage and use of energy. Cell metabolism is increased so they use nutrients and oxygen more efficiently. The result is faster cell growth and repairing of damaged tissues. This helps reduce pain more quickly than your body may do on its own.

Thermal Effects

The light beams excite the molecules in your cells, which helps to increase blood flow. This in turn increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen—the building blocks for cell repair and growth—to all the tissues in your body. When cells have what they need, they function better and you begin to heal.

Mechanical Effects

MLS laser treatment works to accelerate the performance of your body’s circulatory system. The laser stimulates grown of tiny new blood vessels in areas that are damaged or have poor blood supply. It also increases the ability of your lymphatic system to resorb excess fluid and get rid of wastes. As a result, swelling and inflammation go down.

Conditions Lasers Can Treat

Most issues with pain, inflammation, and swelling can be helped with laser treatment. This includes foot and ankle conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, neuromas (benign thickening of nerves), and complications of diabetic feet, including neuropathy pain and healing of foot ulcers.

A consultation with our expert podiatrists will provide you with an accurate diagnosis of what is causing your foot pain and whether MLS laser therapy may be the right treatment for chronic issues that other conservative treatments may not be addressing. Call Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona at (480) 963-9000 for an appointment in our Chandler, AZ office, or at (480) 981-1800 for our Gilbert location. We want to help you conquer your foot troubles so you can be normally active again.

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