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Geriatric Foot Care: Caring for Senior Feet

From fighting gravity and wrinkles to struggling with new aches and pains that seem to pop up out of nowhere on a regular basis, it’s tough getting older! As you age, the more prone you become to injuries, infections, and even balance issues. Because of this, aging forces you to pay even greater attention to your body and keeping it healthy – and that focus should extend all the way to your toes! You see, aging affects feet, too, and in order to keep up with the changing needs of your feet over the years, senior foot care is of the upmost importance.

Taking care of senior feet

Elderly Foot Care Concerns

Over time, your body goes through a lot of stress, wear, and tear, and that can take its toll on your feet. With each foot sporting 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 120 muscles, nerves, and ligaments, just think of all the opportunities for arthritis to set in, fractures to occur, and nerve damage or other injuries to happen! Bones and muscles weaken with age, too, making them more vulnerable to injury. In addition, circulation slows as you get older, and the healing process slows right along with it. It’s no wonder so many foot problems can arise over a lifetime! Some common issues of elderly feet include:

  • Thinning fatty pad on the bottom of heels – this is a natural occurrence over time and can reduce shock absorbency, resulting in heel pain.

  • Changes in feet affecting shoe size – feet can widen with age and ill-fitting shoes can cause a host of problems, from blisters to aggravation of bunions and hammertoes.

  • Dry skin – age robs the moisture from the skin on senior feet which can result in painful, cracked heels and calluses.

  • Reduced blood flowdecreased blood flow increases your chance of nerve damage and sores that won’t heal, along with your risk of infections.

  • Higher risk of conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and fungal toenails – wear and tear of joints, out of control glucose levels, and toenail fungus are all common occurrences as you age.

  • Weight gain – metabolism slows down over time, making it harder to maintain a healthy weight. Diet and exercise are key!

  • Instability – balance is often affected by age, and when coupled with repetitive sprains and stress, it can leave you feeling unsteady on your feet.

Senior Foot Care for a Full and Active Life

While we can’t stop the aging process, we can stop foot pain and problems from happening to you!

Awareness of how aging affects feet and keeping a close eye out for any signs of these problems will allow you to receive the prompt treatment needed to keep senior feet safe and healthy. Check over your feet daily and schedule regular visits with us. Practice good hygiene, make healthy lifestyle choices, and wear shoes that fit well, too! Together, we can stay on top of aging foot issues and ensure you enjoy a full and active life throughout your golden years!

If you or a loved one is in need of senior foot care, contact our Chandler or Gilbert office by dialing (480) 963-9000.