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What are symptoms of capsulitis?

Symptoms of capsulitis are uncomfortable. You develop pain in the forefoot, particularly underneath the first joint of the affected digit. Any toes can have this problem, though the second digit is the most common. You may notice swelling around the painful spot, including at the base of the toe. Sometimes, people feel like they are standing on a small marble or a wrinkled sock. Movement makes the discomfort worse. You’ll have difficulty wearing certain shoes, particularly models that add pressure to the forefoot, like high heels. Advanced capsulitis causes the affected digit to drift out of the correct alignment. You may end up with your second toe crossed over its neighbor.

Since the early stages of the condition can resemble nerve damage from a neuroma, you’ll need to have the condition carefully examined to diagnose and treat it correctly. The sooner you identify the problem, the easier it will be to treat. Let our team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona help. You can call, fax, or send us an online request to reach us: for the Chandler office, call (480) 963-9000 and fax (480) 963-0375; and for the Gilbert office, call (480) 981-1800 and fax (480) 981-0229.