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What are my treatment options for bunions?

When it comes to bunions, there are two broad treatment options: conservative or surgical.

Conservative treatments are geared toward symptom management and preventing the bunion from growing worse. Although they won’t get rid of your bunion, they could very well relieve your pain and allow you to return to active, pain-free living. Conservative treatment options include footwear modifications, custom orthotics, pads to relieve pressure and prevent corns, night splints, and more.

Surgical intervention is typically only recommended in cases with significant pain, and when conservative treatment proves ineffective. Depending on the severity of the bunion and your personal goals, we’ll select an appropriate surgical procedure.

Early detection and treatment increases the likelihood that conservative care will be effective, so don’t wait! Make your appointment with the team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona by dialing (480) 963-9000 (Chandler office) or (480) 981-1800 (Gilbert office) today.