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Can my footwear contribute to bunion pain?

We’ll probably never understand why fashion trends are so compelling that people would risk their foot health to follow the latest fad. Shoe choice definitely affects the comfort of your feet, as anyone with bunions can tell you. While the cause of the bump on the side of your foot is likely the foot structure you inherited, shoes matter, too. Footwear that is tight around the toes can cause the deformity to get worse more quickly, and when high heels force all the weight onto your forefoot, they can pretty much do the same.

Bunion pain comes from two sources: pain in the joint itself because of the misaligned bones and damaged tendons and ligaments, and pain in the skin and tissue where the joint juts out and rubs against your shoes. Footwear for bunions should have roomy toes and low heels to reduce discomfort from both sources. You may need extra arch support in your shoes, or custom orthotics as well, to rebalance your foot and correct your gait.

For more information about shoe choice or other bunion treatments, call Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona at (480) 963-9000 in Chandler, AZ or (480) 981-1800 in Gilbert.