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Get the Answers to Your Questions About Foot and Ankle Pain

Seeking treatment for your foot pain can be overwhelming, and you may have many questions for us about your particular ailment and treatment options. Here, we share answers for the questions we are asked most about medical care for ankles, feet, and lower legs.

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  • How do AmnioFix Injections Work?

    AmnioFix injections uses the same amniotic membrane used to provide covering and a healing foundation for diabetic ulcers and other wounds. In this case, however, the membrane is reduced into an injectable form instead of covering an open area. An AmnioFix injection treatment into soft tissues is theorized to aid in internal healing as well. Conditions such as plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, and certain tendon injuries may see great benefits in recovery and reduction of pain. Clinical studies as to the effectiveness of the injections are ongoing, but promise is being shown.

    For more information on AmnioFix and other forms of treatment available at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona, please call either of our offices in the Metro Phoenix area: (480) 963-9000 for Chandler or (480) 981-1800 for Gilbert. We have conservative and surgical options for a variety of different conditions, plus the guidance to determine the best courses of action for our patients.

  • How can I tell if my ankle is broken?

    There are several ways to tell if your ankle is broken. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    • Did it hurt severely at the moment the injury occurred?
    • Is it tender when you just touch it?
    • Is the area swollen?
    • Has bruising discolored the skin?
    • Does it look crooked or “out of place?”
    • Is it impossible to put weight on it without a lot of pain?

    If you answered yes to many of these questions, a fracture is likely. You won’t know for sure until you come in to Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona for an x-ray, but even if it is a sprain and not a broken bone, you’ll still need prompt and effective treatment so the damaged ligaments can heal.

    Ankle injuries—whether from a fall, an accident, or while playing sports or running—should never be ignored. Not healing properly increases your risk for arthritis, repeated injuries, or a chronically unstable ankle joint in future years. Give our podiatry practice in Metro Phoenix a call: in Chandler, AZ dial (480) 963-9000, and in Gilbert (480) 981-1800. Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment are our trademark services, and we can help you recover completely.

  • Does stretching prevent injury?

    For many years, people have been stretching to prevent injury during activities. While the principle of this practice is right—activating muscles before exercising does prevent painful problems—cold and static stretching may not be the best for your performance. Some sports do need significant flexibility. For these activities, stretching during your warm up is an important part of preparing your muscles. For most sports, however, you don’t need increased flexibility to perform well. Stretching before you participate, then, could over-loosen your muscles. Instead of stretching, prevent injury by practicing dynamic warm-ups that activate your muscles and prepare them for the strain of your activities.

    Traditional static stretching is a better part of your cool-down routine to help prevent your muscles from tightening up and risking injury after your activities. If you’re not sure how to stretch dynamically, or you’re concerned by some foot pain that has developed, contact Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona for an evaluation. Use our online contact form, call, or fax us to reach our two offices: for our Chandler location, call (480) 963-9000 or fax (480) 963-0375; to reach our Gilbert office, call (480) 981-1800 or fax (480) 981-0229.