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Tips to Relieve Swollen Feet

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Swollen feetWith summer’s heat upon us, you can still get in some exercise in the greater Phoenix area without overstressing yourself. Try hiking to the top of Lookout Mountain, or check out the Waterfall Trail at White Tank Mountain Park after a rain. These fairly easy treks offer beautiful views but also are a great way to get your circulation going—one of the best ways to relieve swollen feet.

There are many underlying conditions that cause this problem, including being overweight (the hiking can help with that, too!). Your swelling could be due to problems with valves in the veins, sitting or standing for long periods, fluid retention during pregnancy, eating too much sodium, certain medications, or as a result of a blood clot, injury, or heart or kidney conditions.

You should always have sudden or chronic swelling problems checked out. Come in to Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona and let us determine the reason for your puffy feet and ankles, so we can treat any serious underlying problems. For less critical issues—like long days on your feet or the summer heat—we offer some tips to relieve swollen feet on your own:

  • Put your feet up. Elevation is one of the best ways to reduce fluid in your feet and ankles, because it makes it easier for the blood to flow back to the heart. Sit or lie with pillows under your feet to raise them to chest level.
  • Move around. When you have to sit for hours at work, get up and walk often—even just to fill your water bottle. While sitting, lift your legs and point toes up and down, or bounce up and down on your toes to clench the calf muscles to help your blood circulate. Compression or support hose can help as well.
  • Lose weight. Weight loss decreases pressure on joints and muscles and helps you retain less fluid. Watch your salt intake too, and drink lots of water to keep your system flushed.
  • Stop smoking and limit alcohol. Both affect your blood vessels and can lead to swelling in your extremities along with numerous other medical issues.

The foot experts at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona the ones to call when swelling is a problem. We’ll get to the bottom of it and design treatment that will help. You can reach us in Chandler, AZ at (480) 963-9000, at our Gilbert office by calling (480) 981-1800, or online using our contact form. Don’t wait to get your feet back to normal shape and size again!

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