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Select Spring Shoe Styles to Prevent Bursitis

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Spring shoes have made their debut and are now out and about on people’s feet. What this means changes every year, of course, but expect to see many more open-toed pumps, platform shoes, and colorful sandals. The spring shoes you wear say a lot about you, and not just about your fashion sense. Some of those stylish shoes are better for your feet than others—which means some will be more helpful for preventing conditions like bursitis.

Bursitis is a problem with inflammation in a small, fluid-filled sac called a bursa that acts like a cushion or lubricant between hard bones and a moving soft tissue. Bursitis develops when the bursa sac becomes overworked and overused from stress. Shoes play a big part of this. Your footwear can minimize or add to the pressure and stress on your lower limbs.

So if you’re looking to prevent bursitis, choosing your spring shoes carefully is your first stop. Look for footwear styles that are properly fitted and have plenty of cushioning, especially in the heel, which is where the main bursa in your foot is located. Avoid high heels in particular. Raised heels rub against the back of the foot, increasing pressure on the bursa, while also putting excessive weight on the forefoot. The shape of the toe box matters, too. Narrow or pointed toe boxes stress the forefoot and may contribute to inflammation there.

More than just your spring shoes matter, though—your sock choice can also have an impact on your foot health. Appropriate hosiery can add an extra layer of cushioning and reduce friction between your feet and your shoes. This minimizes inflammation in sensitive soft tissues, helping prevent the condition in the first place.

Bursitis never has to flare up at all. If you take care of your feet and prevent them from becoming overworked, you don’t have to deal with the pain. Making the right choices with your spring shoes is a great way to start keeping feet healthy. Let Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona help you with this. Use our website to make an appointment, or call or fax to reach us: dial (480) 981-1800 and fax (480) 981-0229 for the Gilbert office; or, call (480) 963-9000 and fax (480) 963-0375 to reach the Chandler location.

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