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Prevent Fungal Toenails to Keep Nails Nice This Summer

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Prevent Toenail Fungus During the SummerSummertime is here. The sun is hot, schools are on break, and everywhere people are doing what they can to stay cool. Swimming is a great way to do this—and the local public pools are open for business. When you’re out at places like pools, however, you have to be careful to protect your feet from infections. Toenail fungus thrives in damp environments and can ruin your nails during sandal season. However, you can take steps to prevent fungal toenails and keep your feet both cool and nice-looking.

The simplest and most important step is to protect your feet from direct contact with high-risk surfaces. Wear shower shoes or light sandals instead of going barefoot on pool decks, in locker rooms, and around public restrooms. Keep your feet clean and dry as well. Wash your feet, especially around the nails and between the toes, every day. Pat them dry with a clean towel. Keep your nails short and clipped straight across.

Your footwear can also make a difference. Try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. That way, each pair has a chance to dry out completely between uses. When you wear socks, use fitted pairs that wick moisture away from the skin. Use a fresh pair every day, too. You may also want to pre-treat your toes and nails periodically with anti-fungal sprays or powders to help deter any pathogens.

It’s better to prevent fungal toenails than try to deal with the effects of an infection, but it isn’t the end of the world if you develop a problem. If you catch the issue early, it can treated without too much difficulty. Contact our expert team here at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona for an appointment if you’re concerned about an infection or want to know more about prevention. You can reach us through our online form or by phone: for our Chandler location, call (480) 963-9000 and fax (480) 963-0375; for our Gilbert office, call (480) 981-1800 and fax (480) 981-0229.

Photo Credit: Hans via pixabay.com

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