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NOW is the Time to Address Your Foot and Ankle Issues!

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There are always at least a few things you should do before the year comes to an end:

  • Try to resolve any spats with your cousins before the big family holiday dinner.
  • Make a list of resolutions for the New Year (or not).
  • Get rid of that clutter that just hasn’t been working for you.

And so on.

Finances are always a consideration toward the end of the year as well. If you have an insurance plan or flexible savings account whose coverage period ends with the year or shortly after, you don’t want to let potential savings or tax-free allocations go to waste!

If you have been dealing with heel, foot, or ankle pain for some time now, you should stop holding off on receiving the treatment you need.

But if you are already benefiting from wearable forms of treatment, don’t leave just yet. Now is the time to pursue good options for continued care, too!

We are outlining a few potential end-of-year options below, but you might have more than you think! Contact our office and we can help you determine the best and most effective uses of your savings while they’re still eligible.

Custom Orthotics and Diabetic Shoes

Both of these sets of custom footwear are essential for comfort and health.

If you need them, you should have them! A custom-made orthotic insert can provide cushioning, support, and correction to take care of pain resulting from flat feet, an abnormal gait, or other conditions. Diabetic shoes can do the same, and often include added measures to help protect your feet from sores and injuries that can develop into much more serious problems.

If you already have them, you may need an update! While custom-made footwear is often built for durability, it still needs regular maintenance and occasional replacement. Keeping your inserts or shoes refurbished and adjusted when necessary can ensure you are receiving their full benefits all the time, even when your feet or circumstances might have changed a bit.

And even if you have just received a brand-new pair of orthotics or shoes just a few months ago, it can be worth considering an extra pair. Having one set of custom orthotic inserts for work and one for the gym can save you the hassle of switching out and extend the life of both pairs significantly.

Custom orthotics and diabetic shoes are well worth factoring into your yearly flexible spending account allocations if you have them. Speak with us about planning ahead so you can get the most out of your spending.

Take Care of Fungal Nails Now!

If you are living with unsightly and uncomfortable fungal toenails, letting it continue unabated is a lot like letting mold stay in your home. It’s only going to get worse and harder to get rid of.

The best time to start treating fungal toenails is when the infection was just starting to take hold, but that can be very difficult to detect. The next best time to start treating fungal toenails, then, is right now.

The sooner you begin treatment for a fungal toenail infection, the more quickly effective that treatment can be. That’s the crucial point if you’re serious about taking care of your nails, and we have therapies including the PinPointe FootLaser that can tackle an infection without the need for topical or oral medications.

However, this is not to say you can just clear up fungal nails within a week and be done with it. A stubborn infection might take a few months to kill. Even when it’s eradicated, the damage it left behind on the nail will remain until fresh, new nail grows out and replaces it. This also takes time!

If your plans for the new year include a vacation or other special event you want to show clear nails for, waiting to start treatment a month or even three before that time is not going to provide you as great of results as you’d like when things roll around.

Laser therapy and other treatments might be coverable as part of your insurance or flexible spending account. We can help you determine your best course of action.

Head into a New Year with Better Feet and Financial Peace

With many foot and ankle conditions, holding off on treatment just doesn’t make any sense. What makes even less sense is not taking advantage of your healthcare plans to take care of any problems you are having now.

We are committed toward working with our patients’ insurers and plans to find the best, most affordable options. A treatment to take stress off your feet shouldn’t add anxiety to your checkbook!

Whether it’s custom orthotics, diabetic shoes, fungal toenail treatment, or another effective option to find you the relief you need, Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists will be on it. Call our offices in Gilbert or Chandler at (877) 866-2417 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

Don’t wait! Ring in the new year with new steps forward in your foot and ankle care.

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