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Common Summer Foot Problems

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Life is all about balance. Work vs. family time, exercise vs. overdoing it, pain relief vs. addiction. Every day we make choices that affect our quality of life. We want to highlight some common summer foot problems where balance is important. To know how to care for feet in summer, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of five warm weather foot habits:

  • Going barefootCommon summer foot problems

Pros: airs out your feet to keep them drier, reduces foot odor, allows your toes to stretch out more, plus it just feels good

Cons: hazards like cuts, bruises, sunburn, and picking up infections, and it could cause foot pain if you have arch abnormalities

  • Wearing flip flops

Pros: quick to put on and off, keep feet cool, stylish, and they protect feet from athlete’s foot in damp public places like camp showers or pool decks

Cons: can still get cuts or scrapes, require repeated clenching of toes to stay on (biomechanical issues), and absolutely no support for your arch (plantar fasciitis and heel pain)

  • Getting pedicures

Pro: looks pretty, nails stay trimmed to make them easier to keep clean, plus regular attention to toenails helps you monitor their health

Cons: polish can discolor nails, damage and cause ingrown nails if not done correctly, and unsanitary conditions at a salon can lead to fungal nail problems

  • Spending time in the sun

Pros: increased Vitamin D levels, warm feet (finally!), and reduced stress from relaxing

Cons: hydration problems, leads to dry skin and calluses, skin can get sunburned, increased skin cancer risk

  • Exercising more

Pros: feel and sleep better, improve conditioning and strength, head off circulation and heart problems

Cons: chronic pain problems from overuse, increased risk of injuries

So how do you find that perfect balance? Go barefoot to let your feet breathe, but maybe just indoors where it is safer (unless you’re diabetic). Wear flip flops in showers, but not all day. Take a break from polish one week a month to expose your nails to the air. Use sunscreen or cover up your feet when outdoors. Start exercise programs gradually, and use safe techniques and supportive footwear.

If you need help determining what habits are bad for your feet, or have a painful issue that needs treatment, don’t wait. Call Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona sooner rather than later and nip these problems in the bud. You can reach us in Gilbert, AZ at (480) 981-1800 and Chandler at (480) 963-9000. In the Greater Phoenix area, connect with us online using our contact form.

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