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Stay a Step Above the Rest With Our Foot and Ankle Care Blog

In the world of medicine, treatments and therapies are constantly being developed and improved to better serve patients of all ages. Here, you can learn more about your injury and our latest treatments at our practice.

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  • Know When to Update Your Orthotics If your orthotics are looking a little beat up, or perhaps they are not providing the same level of comfort as they once did, it may be time to get them refurbished or replaced. Read our blog to find out if you need new orthotics.
  • If You Have Diabetes, Ingrown Toenails Are Serious Business Ingrown toenails are a problem for many but can be a serious issue for those who live with diabetes. Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists of Arizona can help.
  • Ingrown Toenail Treatment Blog If you know how to care for yourself at home—and know when to seek professional care—ingrown toenail treatment can be quick, painless, and not scary at all!
  • Managing Your Heel Pain Temperatures are rising, and you may be gearing up for all those summer activities. But what if heel pain is trying to hold you back? The Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists have some tips on how to manage heel pain during the warmer season.
  • Don’t Let Heel Pain Keep You From Summer Fun! Heel pain can throw a wrench into your summer plans. The doctors of Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists explain how you can prevent and treat this common symptom.
  • Fast Foot Health Tips for Daily Comfort The way we treat our feet from day-to-day can have a huge impact on our foot health now and into the future. The staff of Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona have some quick and helpful tips.
  • Why You Might Want Your Ingrown Toenail Seen by a Podiatrist An ingrown toenail isn’t always a problem that needs professional help, but there are some cases when a podiatrist’s treatment would be best. Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists explains.
  • Get Your Feet Ready for the Gilbert Outdoors Expo! If you’re an outdoors type (or looking to be), the Gilbert Outdoors Expo is the place to be! The experts at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona can help you ensure your feet are properly equipped for whatever you’d like to do.
  • NOW is the Time to Address Your Foot and Ankle Issues! If you have insurance or financial savings plans in play, the end of the year may be your ideal time to pursue solutions to your foot and ankle pain. The staff of Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona can help you navigate.
  • Big Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Shoes Specially made diabetic shoes can not only provide more comfort to the feet of someone with diabetes; they can be a lifesaver! The experts at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Gilbert and Chandler delve deeper into why diabetic shoes are a must.